Radcliffe Engineering provides professional services to meet your civil engineering needs; including subdivisions, roads, drainage, water, sewer, site development, water treatment and FEMA flood certifications. Our Staff has the proper blend of expertise and experience required to design and permit a wide range of projects. A review of our references for past projects will provide ample evidence of our firm’s ability to successfully complete civil engineering projects.

We have celebrated more than 25 years as a consulting firm in Ocala, Florida and have completed hundreds of design projects as noted on our projects page. Our relationship with regulatory agencies for securing permitting and design approvals has always been pleasant and agreeable on Public and Private sector projects.

Radcliffe Engineering Personnel:

Michael W. Radcliffe, P.E.
- Principal Engineer
Chris Gwin, P.E.
- Professional Engineer
Robert Vey, E.I.
- Project Coordinator
John Shearouse
- Senior Engineering Technician
Travis Retherford
- Engineering Technician
Noah Landry
- Engineering Technician
Moira Houlihan Munroe - Administrative Assistant


Radcliffe Engineering, Inc. is fully operational with AutoCAD Civil 3D with Vehicle Tracking, PONDS and ICPR design software. Our staffing and equipment allows us to easily perform services efficiently to meet our clients’ project schedule.


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